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Land of a Hundred Wonders
he cicadas are humming, and it's so warm even the frogs are sweating the summer Gibby McGraw catches her big break. Lord knows she's due. Brain damaged after a tragic car accident that took both her parents, Gibby is now NQR (Not Quite Right), a real challenge for a fledgling newspaper reporter—especially when she stumbles upon the dead body of the next governor of Kentucky, Buster Malloy.

Armed with her trusty blue spiral notebook, Gibby figures that solving the murder might be her best chance to prove to everyone—most of all her dearly departed Mama and overprotective Grampa—that she can get Quite Right again. But she gets more than she bargained for when she uncovers a world of corruption, racism, and family secrets in small-town Cray Ridge. Lucky for her, Gibby's also about to discover that some things are far more important than all the brains the world...and that miracles can occur in the most unexpected moments. Land of a Hundred Wonders

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On the Heartland Bestseller list

Selected by the American Booksellers Association as an Indie Next pick

Selected as a Featured Alternate for The Literary Guild, The Mystery Guild and The Double Day Book Club

"Kagen's second novel offers laughter and bittersweet sighs...this wonderfully wise Nancy Drew strives mightily to become QR ("Quite Right") in the head: she was already QR in the heart."
   —Publishers Weekly

"Land Of A Hundred Wonders makes for a surprising, fun and unusual read with many twists, strong regional characters and lots of love."
   —Lansing City Pulse

"I've been a Lesley Kagen fan ever since I read her beautifully rendered debut Whistling in the Dark. Set against the backdrop of the small-town south of the 1970's, Land of a Hundred Wonders is by turns sensitive and rowdy, peopled with larger-than-life characters who are sure to make their own tender path into your heart."
   —Joshilyn Jackson, author of Gods in Alabama and The Girl Who Stopped Swimming

"Lesley Kagen has crafted a story that is poignant, compelling, hilarious, real, and absolutely lovely. Her characters are enchanting and will have you racing to the end of this terrific novel."
   —Kris Radish, author of Searching for Paradise in Parker, PA

"A truly enjoyable read from cover to cover...Ms. Kagen's moving portrayal of a unique woman finding her way in a time of change will touch your heart."
   —Garth Stein, author of The Art of Racing in the Rain

"Lesley Kagen's lucid, confident prose shines on every page...giving a unique and unforgettable voice to her moving and heartfelt story. The humor and passion of Gibby and her compatriots will stay with you long after you reach the end."
   —Tasha Alexander, author of A Fatal Waltz

"With all the charm of Cold Sassy Tree's Will Tweedy, Kagen has created an equally memorable character in Gibby McGraw. Gibby will make you laugh and touch your heart, proving that even someone who's Not Quite Right can still remedy the broken lived of those around her. For everyone who loved Whistling in the Dark, Lesley Kagen has worked her magic again.
   —Renee Rosen, author of Every Crooked Pot