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One-on-one Coaching

've always felt that one of the more difficult aspects of writing is the lack of ongoing feedback. So, to make things a little easier, I'm available to talk through your project with you, brainstorm ideas, offer my take on your work, help you come up with a publishing plan, how to go about securing an agent, and give you tips on appearances and events. We can do that either face-to-face or over the phone, whichever works best for you.

Fee: $50/hour.

Manuscript Critiques

uring the writing process, you may reach a point when you feel you may need a deeper and longer look at your manuscript or short story or essay. I'll read your pages, point out the parts that I think are working well and make suggestions for the areas that need improvement. If I think you'd benefit from a line edit to clean up your grammar and punctuation, I'll refer you to someone else on my team.

The best way to request a critique is get in touch with me at LesleyKagen@gmail.com. Please keep in mind that I only work on adult fiction. Include your name and contact information, email address, and phone number. Also include the title of your work, the genre, the first three pages pasted into the email, how many pages you'd ultimately like to submit, and anything else you'd like to share with me. If I think we'd work well together, I'll contact you with a letter of agreement and instructions for paying in advance. Once we've come to an understanding, you'll send me a Word doc and I'll get busy.

Depending on the length of the work and how tight my schedule is, I can usually finish a project in a week or two. I'll then send a letter detailing any ways I think you can improve the work. If you need further clarification, I'll exchange one email with you.

Fee: $50 for up to 10 pages. (1 page = 250 words) and $5.00 for every page after that.



"Without Lesley's invaluable insights, advice, and ongoing mentorship, my novel would never have become what it is today. She has been both untiringly supportive and continues to be a logical voice of knowledge in my career. She is the mentor every writer needs: both straight-shooting and loyal while supporting your voice and style. *I* need her!!"
   —Sara Dahment, author of Widow 1881

"In just one hour, Lesley improved my writing by 1000%. She made me think of things I never would have seen or considered, saving me years of wasted time. She accomplishes this through her direct, inspiring style. Both clients and co-workers have commented on how much my writing has improved."
   —Ad exec, columnist, and author of Cedarblurbs, Jack Henke

"Took my manuscript out for an afternoon meeting with Lesley. She cuts through all the static and noise and mishegoss of fiction writing and boils it down to the core essentials. After a lifetime of poring over how-to books and seminars, I learned more from her in three hours—she's THAT good!"
   —Screenwriter and novelist, Jeff Messerman

"Lesley is a great writing coach. She has given me the tools to make my writing better and open my creativity."
   —Andy Fish, PGA Pro, essayist, and radio host